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There’s no escaping it and with the government’s programme to increase the tax take, you need to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should. It could easily happen – just by doing nothing.

Tax advice from taylor accountingLet’s clarify a few points at the start:

  • It’s not the job of the government or its departments to organise your affairs and finances to minimise your tax.
  • Changes in tax law can work to your disadvantage, especially if you do nothing. It’s up to you.
  • You can use tax avoidance (or tax mitigation as it’s also known), which is the legal means of minimising the tax you pay and it’s every citizen’s right!
  • Tax evasion on the other hand is not legal and can land you in a lot of trouble.
  • It's important you know the difference - seek professional advice.

That’s where we come in. It’s the job of your accountant to make sure you pay the least tax by legal means and we’re good at it.

“I contacted Taylor Accounting when I had a problem with the Inland Revenue and until then I had
filed my own tax returns. Taylor Accounting got involved directly with HMRC and dealt with the matter very
efficiently and now looks after all my tax affairs, saving me time and giving me peace of mind.
“I can and would recommend Taylor Accounting to anyone. They are always friendly and able to explain
things clearly, and very cost effective."     Ian Ingledew,
Cove Interiors Ltd, Farnborough

The rules and regulations on tax are an ever changing landscape and so it pays to keep your tax strategy under review.

It’s a service that comes as standard with Taylor Accounting.

Our focus on keeping fully up to date with tax changes and close working relationship with HMRC (Sue Taylor serves on the HMRC Woking Working Together Panel) means we take a pro-active approach so you pay the least tax.

"Taylor Accounting prepares our tax returns in double quick time so we know exactly what we
have to pay the tax man. A truly professional service that gives us real peace of mind.”
David Saunderson, Director,
DSH Public Relations Limited, Farnborough

How do we do this?

Through our confidential consultation process we analyse your income and your assets to see how they should be structured in your favour. Through this process you keep complete control and we make sure you fully understand any changes we suggest.

Even simple changes can have a big impact.

So to make sure you are not missing out by paying too much tax, get in touch.

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