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Kickstart Opportunities

"Kickstart" Opportunities Companies will be given £2,000 for each apprentice they take on under the age of 25. With the additional job protection measures of the government'...

Stamp duty holiday

Stamp duty holiday An immediate stamp duty holiday for homes sold for up to £500,000 until 31 March 2021 has been announced, with the chancellor saying the move would save jobs in the con...

£3bn green homes grant

£3bn green homes grant  Up to £5,000 per household for projects to make homes more energy efficient, with up to £10,000 per household fully funded for low-income househol...

Kickstart for employers

Kickstart for employers Under the new Kickstart programme, the Government hopes to create roles for as many as 250,000 young people who are currently receiving Universal Credit (UC). Initi...

Student Loan Notices

Student Loan Notices As an employer you are required to collect repayments of student loans your employees took out through the Student Loan Company (SLC) while they were studying, during years...

Are You On HMRC's Target List?

Are You On HMRC's Target List?   HMRC has formed a number of task forces to investigate certain business sectors, where they believe tax rules are being ignored. A summar...

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax?

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax? Have you received a tax calculation (form P800) which shows you owe tax that you thought had been collected under PAYE? Every year the Tax Office undertakes a '...

VAT FRS Temporary Rate Reductions Confirmed

VAT FRS Temporary Rate Reductions Confirmed In the Government's Summer Update on 8 July 2020, the Chancellor announced a six-month reduction in the VAT rate on supplies of food and non-alco...


Frequently Asked Questions Q. I have recently started a new job and, for the first time in my career, I have been provided with a company car. I have to pay for fuel for private use but my empl...
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