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Tax Efficient Profit Extraction

Tax Efficient Profit Extraction As a company owner you can choose how to extract the profits from your company, and by making the right choices you can minimise the tax and NI paid by you and t...

HMRC to use Automatic Search Programmes

HMRC to use Automatic Search Programmes!   The Taxman has announced he is going to start targeting tax evasion by online traders, private tutors, personal trainers and life coaches. ...

What if You Don't Pay Your Tax!

What if You Don't Pay Your Tax!   July is one of those big tax-paying months... - If you are self-employed you need to pay your income tax and class4 NIC on-account payment for...

Less Tax for Students

Less Tax for Students   If you are employing students over the summer months, don't forget to give them the HMRC form P38S (2011) to sign. This form allows the student to earn thei...

Jointly Held Property Tax Savings

Jointly Held Property Tax Savings With the threshold for 40% tax reducing every year (£35,000 after deducting allowances for 2011/12), it makes sense to review who pays the higher rates o...

Autumn Statement Tax Summary

Autumn Statement Tax Summary   George Osborne did not have great tidings to impart when he presented his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons on 29 November 2011. The best he could...

Confessing to Tax Fraud

Confessing to Tax Fraud   The Taxman is currently writing to taxpayers who are suspected of tax fraud, asking them to make a full disclosure of their wrong-doing under the contractual ...

Tax Efficient Investments

Tax Efficient Investments   Most allowances for tax efficient investments are fixed for each tax year and cannot be carried over to the next year if not used. If you have money to inve...
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