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New Pensioners to Receive Tax Bills

New Pensioners to Receive Tax Bills If you first received your state pension after 5 April 2010 you may have to pay an unexpected tax bill. This is because of yet another programming error w...

Use gift Aid to save tax

HMRC have recently highlighted that charities are collectively missing out on some £600m extra funding because a third of donations made do not add Gift Aid when they could have don...

Spring Budget 2017 - Businesses

Businesses Making Tax Digital for Business The provisions for the government's Making Tax Digital project will be legislated for in Finance Bill 2017. However, the mandatory start date ...

Corporate offences guidance updated

All corporate entities need to be aware of the two new offences that were introduced by the Criminal Finances Act 2017, which apply from 30 September 2017 onwards. The first applies to the facilita...

PAYE Reconciliations Starting

PAYE Reconciliations Starting   Between now and October 2012 around 5.1 million taxpayers will receive notice of a tax under or over-payment, arising from the PAYE reconciliation exerc...

Budget Update - Individuals

Budget Update - Individuals   Personal Allowances These allowances represent the amount of an individual's income in the tax year that is not subject to income tax. Some people...

Tax Campaigns Update

Tax Campaigns Update The Taxman is determined to target tax evaders, so has been running several campaigns to target particular business sectors, such as doctors, electricians and e-traders. ...


Individuals Personal allowances  Immediate changes    2014/15 2015/16 Born after 5 April...

Dividend Allowance

Dividend Allowance – The Government’s attempt to match an incorporated business’s tax to that of a sole trader – See below for the facts and my view Legislation included...

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax?

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax? Have you received a tax calculation (form P800) which shows you owe tax that you thought had been collected under PAYE? Every year the Tax Office undertakes a '...

Lower Penalties Offered by HMRC

Lower Penalties Offered by HMRC   The Taxman has launched a new tax disclosure opportunity called the Plumbers Tax Safe Plan (PTSP). It is aimed at plumbers and heating engineers who hav...

Budget Update - Business Tax

Budget Update - Business Tax   IR35 Review The Office of Tax Simplification was tasked with reviewing the operation of IR35, or the provision of services through intermediaries as ...

Property income

Property income  Currently, individual landlords can deduct their costs - including mortgage interest - from their profits before they pay tax, giving them an advantage over other home buy...

Penalties on Offshore income and the ‘Requirement to Correct’ (RTC) rule

Penalties on Offshore income and the ‘Requirement to Correct’ (RTC) rule Broadly, a UK-resident taxpayer has a responsibility to notify HMRC of any taxable offshore income they...

Tax Efficient Life Cover

Tax Efficient Life Cover   Would you like to pay for your life cover in a more tax efficient manner? Then why not consider a Relevant Life policy!  Relevant Life Policies are ...
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