Autumn Budget 2018 - Savings - allowance and tax rate


The 0% band for the starting rate for savings income will be retained at its current level of £5,000 for 2019/20 and will not be up-rated in line with inflation.

For 2019/20, the personal savings allowance will remain at £1,000 for basic rate taxpayers and £500 for higher rate tax payers.

Individual Savings Account (ISA) and Child Trust Funds annual subscription limits:
The ISA subscription limit for 2019/20 will remain unchanged at £20,000.

The annual subscription limit for Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds for 2019/20 will be increased  in line with the Consumer Prices Index to £4,368.

Added By: Sue Taylor on 01st Nov 2018 - 12:56
Last Updated: 01st Nov 2018 - 17:00

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