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Setting company car tax rates for the 3 years to 2019 to 2020

Setting company car tax rates for the 3 years to 2019 to 2020 Finance Bill 2016 will introduce the following changes: -   the appropriate percentage which is applied to the list pr...

Changes to capital gains tax rates

Changes to capital gains tax rates   Legislation will be included in Finance Bill 2016 to reduce the rate of capital gains tax from 18% to 10% where the person is a basic rate taxpayer...

Tax rates and the personal allowance

Tax rates and the personal allowance Although the personal allowance for 2016-17 was set at £10,800 by the first Finance Act 2015, it has now been confirmed that it will rise from its cur...

Corporation tax

Corporation tax Immediate changes  Corporation tax rates All corporation tax rates are harmonised at 20% with effect from 1 April 2015, with the exception of rates for ring fence tr...

HMRC reaffirm income tax charge on winding up

HMRC reaffirm income tax charge on winding up HMRC have published Spotlight 47, which provides guidance on tax avoidance schemes that try to avoid the income tax charge on distributions when a ...

Dividend Allowance

Dividend Allowance Many family-owned companies allocate dividends towards the end of their financial year and/or the tax year, which means that the impact of the reduction in the dividend ...

Avoid Property Trading Tax

Avoid Property Trading Tax Some people regularly purchase run-down houses, do them up and sell them on. If you do this as part of your building/property development business, the profits made o...


Summary Chancellor George Osborne has delivered the first Budget by a wholly Conservative government in almost 20 years. The March 2015 Budget provided some clues as to possible new measures an...


Dividends The dividend tax credit (which reduces the amount of tax paid on income from shares) is to be replaced with a new £5,000 tax-free dividend allowance for all taxpayers from April...

Budget Update - Individuals

Budget Update - Individuals   Personal Allowances These allowances represent the amount of an individual's income in the tax year that is not subject to income tax. Some people...

March Budget - Individual

March Budget - Individual Personal Allowances The standard personal allowance will rise to £10,500 from 6 April 2015. The age related allowances are gradually falling in line with age-r...

Company vans update

A charge of income tax will generally arise if a company van is made available, by reason of employment, to an employee or a member of their family or household. It must be made available without a...

Budget Update - Capital Taxes

Budget Update - Capital Taxes   Capital Gains Tax Rates and Thresholds The rates and thresholds for capital gains tax are as follows for 2011/12: Annual exemption - £10,6...

Closing Down Your Company

Closing Down Your Company   If you are in the process of closing down your company, or are thinking of doing so, you need to know about the change in the tax law from 1 March 2012. ...

Goodwill on Incorporation

Goodwill on Incorporation  Trading as a company is generally more tax efficient for profitable businesses; the tax rates are lower and many tax reliefs are only available to companies. Cer...
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