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Staff Clothes

Staff Clothes If you provide clothes for your staff to wear at work you need to be aware of the tax and VAT implications which may vary according to the items provided. Where the items pro...

Minimum workplace pension contributions rise

Minimum workplace pension contributions rise The minimum contributions employers and their staff must pay into their automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme increased with effect from 6 Ap...

Off-site daytime business meetings

Q. If I take my staff away overnight for an off-site daytime business meeting and evening social function, will the costs be tax deductible for corporation tax purposes?  A. The cost...

Rules concerning temporary workers

Q. I have some permanent employees and I also pay temporary workers as and when I need extra help. I understand that changes have recently been to the rules concerning payslips. Could you please pr...

Auto-enrolment exemptions

Auto-enrolment exemptions Have you received a letter from The Pension Regulator (TPR) telling you to "ACT NOW" to prepare for auto-enrolment? The letter gives you just a few weeks to ...

Budget update 2020-Are You a Shadow?

Are You A Shadow Director?   When a company fails to pay over the PAYE and NIC which should have been deducted from salaries paid to the employees and directors, HMRC can issue the dir...

When are tips taxable?

The Summer season usually sees a rise in the number of casual staff taken on by restaurants and cafes. Whilst the tax and NIC implications of wages is generally straight-forward, confusion often ar...

Coronavirus - VAT

Coronavirus - VAT HMRC have initiated a VAT deferment procedure, however the situation is fluctuating each day so could change. If you are having financial difficulties due to the coronavirus t...

Unwelcome Visitors

Unwelcome Visitors HMRC has wide powers to inspect your business, but they are supposed to give you at least seven days notice to check on your business property, computer or business...

Tax Taskforces

Tax Taskforces   These are teams of tax investigators who target particular trades in defined geographical areas with one-to-one visits. A typical taskforce team will include specialis...

RTI Relaxation Extended

RTI Relaxation Extended The temporary relaxation of the RTI reporting requirements for small employers has been extended to 5 April 2014. It was due to apply only until 5 October 2013. Und...

Goodwill on Incorporation

Goodwill on Incorporation  Trading as a company is generally more tax efficient for profitable businesses; the tax rates are lower and many tax reliefs are only available to companies. Cer...

Planning for RTI

Planning for RTI If you are an employer you should have received information from HMRC about operating PAYE under Real Time Information (RTI).  RTI requires more data to be submitted to th...

Casual Employees and Employment status

Casual Employees and Employment status Some employers will be considering taking on extra staff on a 'casual' basis to cover the summer period. There are a few issues which employers sh...

HMRC Annual Report Published

HMRC Annual Report Published The National Audit Office has published a report on the 2015-16 accounts of HMRC. The report shows that HMRC raised £536.8bn of tax revenues ...
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