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Technical Help

PDFS How do I view PDFs? You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader in order to view PDF files. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from the Adobe website. Visit Access Adobe to find ou...

HMRC launch further Help-to-Save consultation

HMRC launch further Help-to-Save consultation Following an earlier period of consultation, HMRC have published draft legislation along side a further technical consultation document, setting ou...

"Eat out to help out"

"Eat out to help out"  A creative and never tried in the UK before, this new policy will give people a 50% discount on eating in restaurants and cafes, from Monday - Wednesday th...

Flat Rate Scheme for VAT

Q. I have recently registered for VAT. Although my turnover is only just above the VAT registration threshold, I anticipate that it will now increase year-on-year. How does the flat rate scheme for...

Q. As a landlord with several rental properties, is there anything I should be considering

Q. NEW PROPERTY RULES. As a landlord with several rental properties, is there anything I should be considering to help mitigate the impact of the restrictions on mortgage interest relief?  ...

Rules concerning temporary workers

Q. I have some permanent employees and I also pay temporary workers as and when I need extra help. I understand that changes have recently been to the rules concerning payslips. Could you please pr...

Use gift Aid to save tax

HMRC have recently highlighted that charities are collectively missing out on some £600m extra funding because a third of donations made do not add Gift Aid when they could have don...

Kickstart Opportunities

"Kickstart" Opportunities Companies will be given £2,000 for each apprentice they take on under the age of 25. With the additional job protection measures of the government'...

£3bn green homes grant

£3bn green homes grant  Up to £5,000 per household for projects to make homes more energy efficient, with up to £10,000 per household fully funded for low-income househol...

Cash Accounting Scheme

Cash Accounting Scheme Usually VAT is payable when an invoice is issued. In contrast, using the Cash Accounting Scheme, you do not need to pay VAT until your customer has paid you. But you a...

Tax-efficient Savings

Tax-efficient savings update As the new tax year progresses, now is a good time review some of the tax-efficient savings incentives available which may help maximise potential returns. Hel...

Choosing Good Passwords

How hard is it to choose a good password? Most people believe that choosing a good password is easy. After all, how is somebody going to guess my wife's maiden name? Choosing a good password is a tra...

Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping You hate it, we love it. To us, there's nothing nicer than a neat book (well not so much a book these days) of accounts that shows where your business really is. It means you ge...

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax?

Whose Fault is Underpaid Tax? Have you received a tax calculation (form P800) which shows you owe tax that you thought had been collected under PAYE? Every year the Tax Office undertakes a '...
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