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General Searching All searches are case insensitive - i.e. the case of the characters is not important. FRED is the same as fred You can use the '*' ...

HMRC to use Automatic Search Programmes

HMRC to use Automatic Search Programmes!   The Taxman has announced he is going to start targeting tax evasion by online traders, private tutors, personal trainers and life coaches. ...

Search for Landlords

Search for Landlords In our March tax tips & news we told you about HMRC's let property campaign (LPC) which aims to nudge landlords into confessing undeclared rental income. ...


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State Pension: Paying voluntary NICs

State Pension: Paying voluntary NICs There are various reasons as to why gaps may arise in an individual's national insurance contributions (NIC) record eg.because that person has been on l...

PAYE Notices are Coming

PAYE Notices are Coming The Tax Office has started to issue electronic PAYE code notices (forms P9) to employers for 2011/12. If you have provided an email address for the Tax Office to cont...

Unwelcome Visitors

Unwelcome Visitors HMRC has wide powers to inspect your business, but they are supposed to give you at least seven days notice to check on your business property, computer or business...

Digital Services Tax

From April 2020, the government will introduce a new 2% tax on the revenues of certain digital businesses which derive value from their UK users. The tax will: * apply to revenues generated fr...

Maintaining the tax system

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Mandatory digital record keeping for VAT for businesses over the VAT threshold (with turnover over £85,000) comes into force from 1 April 2019. What exactly does ...
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