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Autumn Budget 2018 - Property - Lettings relief

Lettings relief currently provides up to £40,000 of relief (£80,000 for a couple) to those who let out a property that is, or has been in the past, their main residence. This means that... more


Can I claim tax relief on an investment in a company that is now struggling due to Covid-19?

Q. I made an investment into a promising fledgling company several years ago. Due to Covid-19, the company has struggled over the last 12 months, and has just entered administration. What is the be... more


More tax relief possibilities for self-funded work-related training

The government has launched a consultation on plans to extend the existing tax relief available for self-funded work-related training by employees and the self-employed, as part of the go... more



Q. I am a company director and usually work from an office...

Q.  I am a company director and usually work from an office in London. However, I will shortly be relocating to France for a couple of months and will be working from there. Will I be able to ... more